Configuration Manager 2012 SP1: smsts.log log location

To troubleshoot your task sequence for errors during OS deployment start looking in the smsts.log. You will probably find the reason why your application or package is not installing as expected or find why configurations you trying to apply are not applying. Depending on where and on what stage you are in the task sequence the smsts.log location depends.

During Windows PE Modes:

Before format and partitioning hard disk: x:\windows\temp\smstslog\smsts.log

After format and partitioning hard disk: x:\smstslog\smsts.log and are then then copied to c:\_SMSTaskSequence\Logs\Smstslog\smsts.log

After OS Applied:

Windows installed but CCM agent not installed: c:\_SMSTaskSequence\Logs\Smstslog\smsts.log

Windows installed and CCM agent installed: c:\windows\system32\ccm\logs\Smstslog\smsts.log

When Task Sequence is complete:

x86 architecture: c:\windows\system32\ccm\logs\smsts.log

x64 architecture: c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs\smsts.lo

Here are all Log Files locations in Configuration Manager 2012


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